Sunday Seven: Places you should visit!

Is it summer time yet? No? I can hear the collective groan as so many of us have to wait for the summer to roll around so we can go away and have a little break. I’m very lucky that my family liked to travel when I was growing up, I’ve seen some beautiful countries and hope to add to the ever growing list. This week I wanted to share with you seven places I loved and that you should visit!


Paphos, Cyprus 

I’ve been to Cyprus a few times with my family and I absolutely love it. We’ve been going since I was quite young and my last visit was just before I started uni. We’ve stayed at the same hotel each time, but the town itself is constantly changing. There’s also a great waterpark, great excursions you can do and a lot of history around. One day I really want to take Ali and show him one of my favourite holiday destinations.


Sorrento, Italy 

Ali and I first went away together with his family all the way back in 2009 to Sorrento. In the picture above (excusing my awful choice in ‘fashion’) we are standing at the top of Mount Vesuvius. We’d spent the day walking around Pompeii and looking at the history of it. Aside from that Sorrento is very tourist friendly, which means it can get busy but it’s also easy to get around. Also, the food? To die for, I loved it. You can also go over to the Island of Capri which oozes glamour. I want to go to different areas in Italy but Sorrento was a good place to start.


London, UK 

I’ve been in love with London for as long as I can remember. I was taken to Oxford Street with my Mum and Nanna more times than I can count. London to me means excitement, it’s where I see shows, meet friends, go to events, explore the rich history of a wonderful city. London will always be special to me and I couldn’t just say one place, I love it all!



I went to Amsterdam just before my 21st birthday. While we stayed closer to the Red Light District, it was on the last day we found the real beauty of Amsterdam in Vondelpark, if I were to stay again I would definitely pay the extra to stay near the park, also their Hard Rock Cafe is incredible.



I’ve been to Greece a lot. The first holiday I  went on with my parents was to the island of Crete, we went time and time again and I fell in love with it. I wanted to use a picture from then but couldn’t find any in digital. Fast forward about 18 years and I’d gone back to Greece, this time to Athens with Ali  for a week long class, and looked at the history of one of the greatest civilizations to have ever lived. Oh and for an Ouzo or two.


Orlando, Florida 

Anyone who knows me, knows Florida was going to be on this list. My parents have taken me to Florida at least 3 if not 4 times. I was very lucky. I like going and acting like a kid, going to Disney, Universal, shopping in the outlet malls. I can’t see myself going for a while but damn right I’m going back.


Harry Potter Studio Tour – Watford 

A must for ANY potterhead or anyone who just liked the films. Seeing everything up close, admiring the artistry and the detail on even the smallest things. I need to go again at some point, it’s only been a few years since I went but it’s already changed so much from pictures. It really is a must.

What are some of your favourite places to visit? Let me know in the comments below!

Guess who’s heeeeeeeeere!!

2015-07-31 18.13.19

Today after frantically cleaning and tidying my flat in the past few days my baby sister arrived to stay with me for a few days. I got the surprise of my little cousin coming to see me when Sum’s was dropped off which just made it even more special. We spent the afternoon after my cousin and Mum left pretty bored. It was too late to go out and do something but too early to just crash for the evening. So we did what any normal pair of sisters do, we bought Pizza, had a play fight and watched Netflix. Sorted.

After a few hours of doing nothing we had to do something before we killed each other (we can’t have that on day one). So we decided to make cakes, but not just any cakes. Hold the freaking press because we made PEPPA PIG CUPCAKES.

2015-07-31 20.57.18

Today might have been slow but from tomorrow morning I’ve got so much for us both to do giving her a look around the music buildings, going into town shopping, grabbing a quick dinner and then off to see Paper Towns tomorrow night! Eeek. Then spend more time laying around and messing around before watching the Bike Race on Sunday (Cyclists. Damn Cyclists.) visiting the comic book shop and seeing what’s up around the town centre, having dinner and then she’ll be heading home…followed by me on Tuesday.

For now we’re sat in matching PJ bottoms, both on our laptops stuffed with pizza and cakes and all that jazz, hopefully we’ll sleep at some point too.

Horses with Mum and Sums

blog 5

Me and my sister visiting Rubey 

Visitors today! Yippie! My Mum and Sister came to visit me on her day off school. So naturally I had booked a horse riding lesson for my sister, basically because she’s the only person apart from my friends brave enough to come with me!

It was so much fun and cheered me up to have them around and introduce both Mum and Sums to the horses, especially Rubey (that is how her name is spelt). I also had them watching me ride…although the horse I was on today was not in a good mood and was not happy to be around other horses. The best bit though? I finally came off the lunge and was controlling the horse on my own!!!! Yippie!

My sister, however, turned out the be a natural at horse riding. She did so well on Princess who I booked knowing that she’d be a good horse for her. I got more than a little excited when she started on a rising trot and started to get it, definite proud big sister moment.

              IMG_1749 IMG_1755

As usual I had to go and see Rubey after as well as before and she was so cuddly it was amazing. She has an absolutely lovely owner as well, Sapphire is brilliant with her and one of the sweetest kids ever, she certainly teaches me a lot when I help out at the weekends.

So that’s today, oh not to forget meeting up with Joe too!, my Mum enjoyed it  but she’s decided horse riding isn’t for her. All in all a pretty good day apart from Eleanor still being poorly but she’s never down for long!

I’m thinking of doing some more fun posts over the weekend and uploading anything I’ve missed!

A visit from the family


My beautiful Roses from my Grandparents 

Since moving in I’ve felt a little up and down, with the moving and leaving the caller job, trying to find other work, getting used to being around Ali all the time etc. I was nervous about my parents coming to visit. Mum and Dad have never seen the flat before and although I knew they’d like it I wanted it to look nice. 

I’ve spent the day in the Student Ambassador office, I received special training from The Student Room (eeeek!!) and started in the office looking at strategies, writing replies to people and getting ideas. I’m once again doing what I love. It was a long and fairly tiring day but I really enjoyed it (I enjoyed my after work nap as well). 

I was worried that Mum and Dad visiting me would upset me, I love living with Ali but when I’m on a low I crave familiarity. I’d had to come straight from a doctors appointment as well with a doctor who I had to discuss my mental health with. Yay. It’s safe to say she didn’t have a real grasp of depression when she kept saying I was ‘doing fine’, recommended counselling and basically tried to push me off as the uni’s problem. 

As soon as I got through the door though, I relaxed. My Mum, Dad and Sister were here, looking very comfy. Mum and sums sat on the sofa, Dad with a cup of tea and everyone was chatting. Having everyone together made me so happy. I got a load of moving in cards from home, flowers, chocolate and a vase for us from my Grandparents and Mum and Dad took us for dinner. 

Now I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever felt in the flat, the family are gone but I’ve got a part of it staying with me. I really wouldn’t change a thing 🙂 



A visit from the Mummy Bear!


Me and Mum.

Today my Mum came up to meet me! She turned up earlier than normal so we ended up getting the uni bus, one of my friends actually thought Mum was a student too which made her day. We spent the day wandering around Kingston and got a fab lunch at the Hungry Horse. After seeing Mum today I’ve decided I want to get away and go home this weekend. There’s nothing really to report, we wondered around, ate and then went back to mine before Mum had to catch her train. All I can say now is that I can’t wait to head on home 🙂


Buying Mum a pint at lunch!!! No silly wine for us!