Last night.


Sometimes all you need is your friends. I’d had a hellish afternoon yesterday. Stuck for 2 hours on a journey that should have only taken me half an hour, then also stuck on a bus before getting home nearly 3 hours since I left Guilford.

It’s really easy when I’m tired and get some news that I didn’t particularly want it was close to spiralling. The difference is that I had something to look forward too, Eleanor made sure of that. I had so much fun out drinking (probably more than I should have), dancing and laughing. It instantly cheered me up.

After nearly falling asleep in the bathroom I decided to come home, getting a kebab too. And then I fell asleep waking up to the hangover from hell…after 4 I finally got up and dressed.

I wanted to give you a really interesting blog tonight but honestly all I wanted to do was curl up in my bed and sleep, or eat McDonalds.

I’ll leave you with that and hopefully then I’ll be able to think of something more creative for tomorrow!

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