10 Short Girl Problems.


I have been vertically challenged as long as I remember, just remember people you are not alone!

1. People think you are a lot younger than you are.

I didn’t start wearing make up until recently, meaning that people instantly thought I was much younger. Most embarrassing point? Hearing some guys, who obviously were younger than me, telling their friend he shouldn’t hit on me because ‘I’m about 12 or 13’…this happened a few months ago.

2. Getting given kids meals at restaurants

I’ll say it again HEIGHT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE YOUNG/OLD. I’m 20 years old and I still get handed a kids menu at meals much to the delight of my family.

3. You have to learn how to climb

Kitchens and bedrooms always have spaces that are too high. So you learn how to climb on just about everything, boxes, kitchen sides you name it we try it.

4. You have to ask people to reach things all the time

Unfortunately you can’t climb in shops so you have to ask people and then, if you don’t like it awkwardly put it back in an odd place meaning everyone knows it was you.

5. Your friends like using you as something to lean on

You know, the whole using you as an arm rest because you’re the perfect size…yawn.

6. People always assume you’re ‘cute’.


7. You have to walk a lot faster to catch up with your friends…little legs! 

Running alongside your friends in heels to keep up, not a great look or comfortable.

8. The sun visor in your car doesn’t make a difference because you’re short…you also have to pull the seat right forward. 

Driving is definitely a comical experience.

9. Your feet not touching the floor 

Forever five years old and tip toes.

10. Awkward boob hugs

Hugging your friends, their boobs, your face…always.

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