National Coming Out Day : To You

I decided to write an open letter tonight, to a friend who means a lot to me. I won’t name them but I know how anxious they are at the thought of coming out and I wanted to write to them and anyone else having these feelings.

Dear you, 

I know. You know I know. We’ve been over this a thousands times and you know I love you all the same. I want to say being gay is nothing to worry about, to me and to a lot of open minded people it’s totally normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. I’m proud for you and Jesus when you are comfortable enough (because that day WILL come) I’ll dance around at pride for you, because I know that’s not your thing. 

Oh and here’s another thing, I know you better than you think I do. I’ve known you were gay for a long time, I don’t know why but I always have to a degree. I never thought that you talking all the time to me was hitting on me, you never once looked at my chest, nor recognised what I was wearing. I loved it, even my closest straight guy friends slips up sometimes, although you agree I have great boobs.

The thing is, you being gay doesn’t mean you have to fit some stereotype ( I know you never will) some people try and intimidate you with a certain type of behaviour, balls to that! Be yourself which is who I LOVE you for. I don’t want to change you, but it makes me so sad when you get swallowed by sadness and confusion over something as simple as who you find attractive, who you love. I know though for you, it doesn’t feel simple but I promise some day it will. 

Being gay is just a part of who you are, it’s one of the things that makes you who you are, your funny, sarcastic and quirky and as other people have pointed out fanciable (although not to me, we’re way too close and that would be odd like loving a brother *shudder*). You’re sweet, kind and give a mean hug any guy would be lucky to have you, and they will. 

Any one who doesn’t ‘accept’ you (what a bollocks term) is at a loss. IF they let some stupid social prejudice come in the way of who you are and who you’re going to become then basically there is something wrong with them. We’re going to have a great time and I already accept being the best woman at your wedding and a god mother for your children (as previously discussed, I will be both a good and bad influence…your welcome). 

Basically I love you, you know I do and I’m here to see this through. When you feel comfortable enough to come out, which I am honoured that you did to me by the way, I’ll be there. If anyone doesn’t like it, fuck ’em who needs ’em. 

Happy coming out day! 

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