Speaking out for Mental Health – I’m a guest speaker!!

Yesterday’s blog maybe wasn’t the happiest but I have some news to share with you all. Lateish last night I received an email from the university about the Diversity conference we will be holding next month, I didn’t expect to get the email but after doing some work with them last year I thought it might be interesting…and then I started to read.

You have been specially selected for the opportunity to take part in leading the very first KUSU Diversity Conference alongside Chancellor Bonnie Greer and Paralympic medalist Ade Adepitan on Wednesday November 5th 2014. It would be fantastic to have you involved!
To say I’m excited is an understatement. I can’t believe I’m going to be at the same conference as some incredibly influential and incredible people, the Chancellor after all is someone I greatly admire. Also the chance to speak about mental health as well as being chosen to do it is such a great honour for me. If I can make a difference to one person in whatever way then I’ll be immensely proud.
Don’t get me wrong I’m absolutely terrified at the same time, the place where it’s being held is absolutely huge but if I want to go into music, academics or social media I suppose I have to get used to it. It’s going to take a lot of careful planning, practice and excitement but I just can’t wait! I have around a month to get everything together and be ready and I hope I can do it.
See this is the thing with mental health, they are few and far between but there are a few silver linings. I’ve been through a load of shit that I wouldn’t wish on anyone but somehow I’m making something positive out of it. Do I wish that I could have not gone through depression? I don’t know, to some extent it’s made me a better person, even thought the lows are awful. It teaches you to appreciate the smaller things in life and good ‘normal’ days mean the absolute world to me. Along with the whole good days, bad days thing I’m hoping I can use all of this in my speech (20 minutes is a long time).
Here’s hoping I do it justice!


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