Reasons why being in second year is awesome

While most people I know were terrified at  the thought of first year being over, I was excited…ok still a little terrified too. There are loads of awesome things about being in your second year of uni! Move over first year, you don’t get all the fun!!


You already have friends 

Ah the pre uni fear of ‘how will I make friends’ not any more! Unless like me your half transferring (slow clap for me), even then I already have friends. You don’t have to be super nice to everyone you meet or walk around with a constant smile. Scowl as much as you want second and third years you already have buddies for life (well hopefully).

No more living in Halls!!

For some Halls are a haven but more often than not flatmates become a problem. This year you get to choose who you live with and also where. I love my flat, flatmate (ok yes it is my boyfriend) and where abouts I live. I can also now walk around looking however I want, eat what I want and nobody asks me why!

You get to choose what you study

Module choices (for most of us anyway) you start to specialise in what you actually want to do! This is my favourite part of becoming a second year, even my core modules look pretty good.

You know where to go

Your uni town/city is now your second home, you know where you like to go, where the best prices are, the best nights out! You might as well be Wikipedia.

…and where to avoid 

Which clubs have a reputation, where not to eat lunch and which spot in the lecture theatre doesn’t get Wi-fi.

Your not doing work for nothing 

The good and not so good part about first year is that not matter how badly you do as long as you pass your ok. The flip side is that if you do really well that also doesn’t count. So instead of being terrified just think every assignment takes you one step closer to your degree!

Your in a sweet, in between spot not a Fresher but not in the terrifying final year.

Ok so now you, really, have work to do but your not a newbie any more, you’ve earned some  privileges and are heading up the uni hierarchy yippie! At the same time you don’t need to start worrying just yet about what to do after you finish uni, you have a whole year for that! 

You’ve learnt from your mistakes last year

Be it money, how to cook, cleaning you’ve had a year of living on your own and so you know what to avoid now…or at least you should do…

You can finally be annoyed at someone younger than you 

Last year you couldn’t understand the glares from older students when you checked your Facebook for 5 minutes online, why they practically growled at you or didn’t understand that you needed to revise too. Now you get a little pay back and can be just a little grumpy and use that deadline as an excuse.

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