Sleep is NOT for the weak

It wont be any surprise to those of you following my blog for the past year that I write about sleep a fair bit. Everyone NEEDS sleep and seeing as I crashed out at 7pm this evening after walking around like a zombie all day it’s safe to say I’m not being a lightweight here. I have blogs to upload, work to do, well everything to do actually. Last week was so crazily busy that my body has just started shouting at me, enough!

I hope you all won’t mind if I take tonight to get the sleep I need and upload everything tomorrow. I will say that so far being 20 has been absolutely incredible and I’m loving it. I feel so loved, happy and supported by so many different people. I have a load of projects coming up, my courses look fantastic and of course I have more blog ideas, vlog anyone?

So while a lot of people are hitting Freshers again this year, getting a few hours sleep a day, drinking every day I won’t be joining them. I have a whole week of my birthday to enjoy myself so now I’m looking forward to letting the Freshers do their thing and being all old and curling up tonight before going to the ball on Friday.

More interesting posts to come, I promise!


Chloe 🙂

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