An Update on Yesterday

I spent yesterday afternoon acting like a Cyber Squirrel. I curled up with a blanket around me laptop in hand and edited a load of posts for My Big Mouth that I wanted to show you all before going to the pub with the aim to publish them when I got back later in the evening then this happened. 

sick bug!


Yep, I had a fabulous night last night, having to run out of the pub and try not to throw up while driving home were particular highlights. I only ask for one evening out in Basingstoke and to top it off, one of the guys I’ve thought was cute since I was 10 years old was sat right by the toilet I had to keep running to to throw up. If I was single that would bother me a lot more than it does now, although come on 10 year old me was dying inside. 

That’s pretty much it. I’m already up and working on getting the posts up today, including Reading Festival Review and A Date with The Doctor. Exciting stuff! 

Sorry guys but today WILL be worth it! 

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