Dinner with a fellow nerd

Photo: #100happydays #day51 friends renuinted!


I’ve written about Joe many times. My Star Wars loving, Doctor Who and comic book fanatic, Artist, 80s kid born too late best friend. I buggered off to Basingstoke and he buggered off on holiday and after having to re arrange about 3 times we finally got to sit down, have some proper food and a catch up about what’s been going on.

To try and explain to you all how important Joe is in my life I re organised my mental health meetings so we could have our weekly natter in the library like the pair of grannies we really are. There isn’t a great deal to report apart from a beautiful Harry Potter bracelet, casually insulting each other and me deciding to throw my drink across the table (the ever so graceful person that I am) and as always discussing everything and everyone. Gotta love catch ups with Joe!

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