‘A business mind’

The quote I chose to use for today’s title is something a little different. It was something that was said to me in my mentoring session today which struck me as not only odd but something to be pleased about. I don’t go into detail about my sessions and I probably never will. They are a space when I can be perfectly honest, not let people down and say some things that have been rattling around in my brain, without causing shock. 

I have a business mind, not in a bad way but I like having an end goal and I like planning, especially when it comes to work. I work hard and I try and make connections with people on whatever level I can. Not necessarily because I want something from them, fr from it. When I meet people I’m interested in them, in the kind of relationship we have. I take note and keep a kind of log in my brain of people I know, I hope that will pay off. 

While it seems strange I take this as such a compliment it’s for a reason. My mind is functioning and thinking of a realistic future. I’m not dreaming and day dreaming about things I want, I’m making them happen. I’m talking to digital media people, I’m sitting down and throwing out ideas to Ali for a song before they’re finished. I’m working towards something and I feel like I can. It’s a huge step for me because for the first time in, well as long as I can remember it’s more of a feeling of I can, rather than can I? 

I’m setting up work, work experience in the industry and gigs for us. As soon as the boys are all back I want to sit down and sort things for the band. I’m the one who’s starting to organise girls night and a trip to Athens next summer (although that largely depends on writing talent and money). 

I’m not about to go jetting across the world but these things, they’re a start. I’m realistic in the fact that if I take on too much I could get very sick very quickly. So I’ve started learning to say no too and state what I need from people without feeling selfish. 


All of this will lead to something. 


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