Lex Loses his Locks

There are people in my life that I’m proud to call my friend, Lex Benjamin is one of them. I’ve known Lex for a good few years now and I’d like to say I’m one of the few people to be truly close to him, I’ve seen him at his best and comforted him when times were tough, he’s done the same for me. Lex is also a great supporter, if we have a gig and he can be there he is swinging his beautiful hair and rocking out, that is what I want to talk about in todays blog. 

Lex has the most incredible hair I have ever seen on a human being. Long, blond, fun to plait and it matches his sunny personality. The man that has been called, Thor, Jesus (seriously), giant and many more is cutting off his beautiful hair TOMORROW. Normally I would be sobbing at the thought of his hair being given the chop but he’s doing something truly incredible. All of his hair is being donated to a charity, Little Princess Trust. The charity makes wigs for children with cancer and gives them to them free of charge, I know how lovely. It takes £300 to make a wig and so as well as donating his hair (the project of five years work) Lex is also trying to raise funds for the charity. 

Lex’s hair, people usually braid it. 

I don’t usually use my blog for things like this but the work this charity does is so important for little boys and girls who have really been through enough already. If you have even a few spare pounds in your bank account and would like to donate here is the link and Lex’s story https://www.justgiving.com/LexsLocks . 


Happy 21st Birthday Lex, you are truly one in a million. 

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