The Future

I’m a human to think about the future. For some that’s thinking about the world, about space cars and all that jazz that we dream about when we’re young. When you’re a teenager you think about the not to distant future because school is and always has been your life, unless you’re lucky enough to get out and do something else that is. Every time that your life evolves what you think about in the future generally changes. 

I’m at a point of uncertainty in my life and well I suppose that’s what your 20s are for. I have no fucking clue what I’m doing or what I’m really going to do. I’m not even in my 20s yet and I’m getting that whole confused thing already. There is so much to think about, uni, going on to jobs, the whole family thing and all of that. The future is a really strange thing at this age. 

2 thoughts on “The Future

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