My love for the Twittersphere

There was once a time when I had Twitter and deleted it, oh silly, silly me. This was years ago when Twitter was mostly for celebrities, businesses, people with something to say. I on the other hand was about 16, had no idea what I wanted to say and didn’t understand the character limit. 

Let’s fastforward to 2014, I have 250 followers, I’ve spoken to my favourite author and met her due to Twitter (Jodi Picoult KNEW who I was, still fangirling, obviously), I’ve build a lot of worldwide relationships, had hundreds of people read my work as well as having a load of support. Twitter has become to me something quite special. Thousands upon thousands of strangers can share your interests, wish you well and in fact build on your career. There are so many different online ways to connect with people and it doesn’t scare me, it makes me feel alive.

One day I hope I can work in Social Media if I can’t become a writer or a musician because I love being able to interact with people in this way. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had my own issues with SM, I’ve had people create fake accounts and pretend to be me. When I was younger I was a victim of cyber bullying in various forms, msn messenger and Bebo were what we used when I was in my early teens and I’m sure a lot of you remember!  

That said, I love being online and today Twitter was my best friend. I got to speak to so many interesting people and got some great feedback about the blog. Sometimes people are hesitant to comment on my actual blog posts but will tweet me instead. I’ve been told the blog is helpful and insightful which is all I ever wanted it to be. I also get in contact with great writers, today it was R.S Pateman (who I consider a good twitter friend now), a great man for advice, Julie Cohen who is lovely and always replies and Alwyn Ash who helped me gain my 250th follower. 

The internet is the future and hopefully a big part of mine. Yes it’s scary and vulnerable people need to be protected online but what you can gain from the internet? I wouldn’t shy away from it and I intend to full embrace the Twittersphere! 

So come follow me! @chloemetzger 

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