Listen, Listen!

It’s finally here for you all to listen to! My band No People Club released 2 singles just before yesterdays festival and I am so excited and proud to share them with you all. These songs mean a lot to me and the lyrics really reflect my life at the time I wrote them.

Life’s Short was initially written last year, I was really down for a while after a friendship break up and I wrote the lyrics and melody as a way to pick myself up and kind of say how I felt about the whole situation. It’s true, life’s too short to be an arsehole or blame anyone else for what you are today. We all make choices and they may be the wrong ones but changing your personality every five minutes isn’t going to help that!

The lyrics to This Time are different. It was originally loads of different line to different songs but they kind of came together when I sat down to write them out. It’s about moving on really and the mixed emotions I had when I moved to uni about wanting to get things right this time around and learning from my mistakes. It also is kind of about realising that sometimes you need to face up to your own problems before anything changes.

These sound so deep and like I planned them to come out this way but honestly songwriting is how I deal with my feelings. Writing these songs kind of spelled out to me how I felt myself. I really hope you enjoy them. Please let me know what you think and share!

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