I play festivals now! Basingstoke Live 2014


I feel alive and I never want to forget today. I finally took to the stage and kicked arse. You know what I’ll say it my band is incredible and now we had an audience big enough to agree with us! For the first time in I cant remember how long I didnt have a panic attack or anything. I didn’t cry or scream or lose it. I was okay and the boys were too. Apart from a glitch with an amp (now sorted) the set went fab! A brilliantly warm day for the festival, people enjoying the set and I was so proud of us and the incredible response we got. Our stickers were on the ice cream trucks and random people, one girl was walking around with one on each arm advertising us! There will be more photos to follow but for now I know my home is on stage, my bands singles are out and we played an incredible gig! Now it’s time for a few more drinks and some downtime with the boys before everyone goes home! To everyone who came today, thank you so much including my incredible family and friends, thanks to the organisers, thanks and I love you to the amazing best friends I get to share making music with. I’m so bloody happy right now and the stage is definitely still my home.


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