Trialling Teaching

Up bright and early, at two…and then again at six thirty, you know the time I actually meant to get up. On an off point the things that you hear around here at two in the morning are really, really weird. Surprisingly I was ok getting up this morning and managed to make it to the meeting point for 7.30 where I met a fellow Seething Wells student, Rukia. We trekked to the school and ended up being an hour early which was nice because we got to know each other and it made us relax. 

The meeting started slightly late but soon got going with only 3 of us going today. After a tour and a chat we were able to get to work meeting the department and watching the students. It was interesting at times and I’m hoping it will get better as I continue, I still don’t have any overwhelming feeling to become a teacher and I don’t know how much I’ll write about it on this blog, we shall see. That said, the staff I’m going to be working with are fab and so easy to get on with. 

Let’s just see how this goes 🙂

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