Getting stuff finished, Growing Up and Great Surprises

Today I finished and submitted my last, and most terrifying, pieces of coursework. That’s it I’m done, all work for first year is over now. I should be excited, happy and relieved. I am but at the same time I feel a bit lost. I don’t really know what to do with my days now as most people have already moved out. I have five months until I get back into a lecture theatre and I’m guessing boredom will get the best of me and then I’ll end up reading the entire reading list by the time I come back in September because, well, five months is a long time.ย 

Today’s been about growing up a bit, which is terrifying and really exciting. I’m now the co owner of a joint bank account and have the last of the flat details being sent to me in a week. I couldn’t stop smiling when Ali and I opened the bank account and it’s such a stupid thing to get excited about but it just meant something to me, something about moving in together just seems so official. That said after I threw childish insults at him, we’re not really grown ups yet. Or ever. Maybe ever.ย 



My presents from Maggie!ย 

I got to see Rhys today!!!!!!! Finally ๐Ÿ˜€ I was also given my surprises from Maggie which included a load of candy and two amazing T-Shirts that you can’t get in the UK! Paramore AND The Fault in Our Stars!!!! I couldn’t be more happy with them and I’m so excited. I’m really hoping to head out to Baltimore next year and actually meet Maggie in person, Rhys couldn’t have a better girlfriend!ย 

Tomorrow is my first day of schools placement, so instead of the lie in I deserve tomorrow I’ll be up at 6.30 to head to the bus and my school placement. It will definitely be interesting to say the least…wish me luck!ย 

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