Aaaaaaand Relax

I’m writing this to you from my lovely kitchen table, no not the one that hasn’t been cleaned for a week, I’m finally at home. It was a pretty last minute decision to actually come back. I’d been feeling a little off all week and Ali had assignments to do this weekend, so I decided I might as well come and see the family. I can already see what a difference it has made, I’ve relaxed, I don’t care what I look like and it’s nice just being around my family. 

Today was a little stressful, deadlines are fast approaching and they’re all due in the same 2 weeks I think. It’s pretty nerve wracking when my scholarship now depends on how well I do. The worst part? I have to do a group presentation, something which makes me feel sick. I get nervous around people I don’t know, who don’t understand why I get stressed. I’m also a little hurt that some people who I thought would want to work with me already grouped up and forgot about me but I have high hopes for my group. 

So when I got back I was tired and more than stressed but in a few hours it’s all kinda melted, I managed a few essay plans and I’m bound to get some reading done (after thankfully avoiding a party night at halls I’ve been told). I’m hoping that after a few days at home I wont be as anxious and I can just get on and get things done! 

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