I’m bored. I am so, so bored. I have been back in my flat since 4pm and I’m just constntly trying to find things to do to entertain myself. I did thinking about going to sleep but my mind is curious tonight, fizzing over with a million and one ideas. I’ve been writing, reading, watching movies and videos, trying to play guitar, thinking about practicing piano, thinking about assigments. The list is usually endless when I’m in one of these moods and it’s more than likely because I had a good nights sleep last night, not I can’t stop bouncing. I’m having to find things in my room because there is nothing to do at Seething Wells.

There was a point where I contemplated getting on a bus back to Kingston Hill to see the boys just for something to do, although I have arranged to meet my friend Jen for dinner tomorrow. When I’m in this mood I want to do absolutely everything, write, sing, read, absorb, plan. This blog post is going to come out frantic as ever but I just can’t sit still, my flat is as quiet as hell though…I’ve only seen one flat mate today and that was coming back from Sainsburys.  I’ve gone from wanting sleep more than anything for the past few weeks to being up and awake and restless in a matter of days. I might end up sleeping all day tomorrow but hopefully I’ll find something to do, oh damn am I bored! 

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