Let’s go on holiday!

Since I was sixteen I’ve wanted to go on my own holiday. There have been various plans mentioned some with girl friends, one lads holiday that never happened and I’ve bugged Ali about going abroad for a year or two now. Either way as you can guess none of these have happened so far…until today. As I mentioned on Tuesday I met up with my friend Sonia, on our way to drinks we were stopped by a sign about summer holidays in the window, something we’re both interested in. She asked if I’d maybe want to go on holiday with ehr later in the year and not much more was said.

Today however something made me just want to do it. Ali’s not that bothered about going away for a chilled out holiday (he’s much more a city breaks or historical place kinda guy), so he encouraged me to text Sonia and start making some plans. My Mum also said  might as well go for it. As of now we don’t know when or where we’re going, there are talks of Amsterdam as well as a cheeky girls holiday in the summer, who knows? Either way it looks like I’m going on holiday!!

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