Strike, Strike, Strike!!!

It doesn’t matter where you live the majority of people have seen the pictures of the chaos caused by the tube strikes in the last two days, something which I thought wouldn’t be that much of a pain for me. I was definitely wrong, as well as affecting a concert I’ll be taking my sister too next week it has also meant that a few lectures and seminars were cancelled this week. As I empathise with the thousands of commuters and want to shake Boris Johnson for saying the promises he made do not count because they were made ‘before the iPhone’ I realised that I was about to be hit once again by strike action too.

As I mentioned back in December Kingston is not opposed to striking, I received another email saying more of my classes would be cancelled and that we would catch up in the next lecture. I wouldn’t mind this as much but seeing as I’m still expected to do a pile of work tomorrow on a topic we haven’t been taught about. It’s safe to say I’m not best pleased. I don’t feel that I know enough about either strike to have a strong opinion but as a ‘customer’ of both services I do feel a little hacked off. In relation to the tube strikes I understand job losses are an awful thing and 900 people will struggle to find employment but I’m not personally a fan of strikes, that’s just my personal opinion. As for the lecturers strikes I don’t get angry about missing class, it’s when I’m stopped from entering a building that I get irritated.

So there are my thoughts for the day, tomorrow see’s me making dinner for Ali…fire department are on standby.

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