Still not a culinary master…


Although I haven’t mentioned it much I hate cooking. Hate it. I’m not into making food in a pretty was  just to eat it, baking is different for some reason. The general cooking for one is just bloody miserable and cooking for more than one is pointless! Today however I was feeling pretty good about the cooking thing I made eggs for breakfast, Spaghetti and Meatballs for lunch, brownies for Ali and chicken dippers for dinner…ok so the last one doesn’t really count.

I think there’s a lot of pressure when you go to uni about learning to cook, people make out its a huge thing and some people take it really seriously… I don’t. Honestly I think if there is one time you can piss around, make weird combinations and eat whatever you want at whatever time it’s when your in halls!! Go crazy! Eat what you want! I can’t cope with all the gourmet stuff, all the vegetables and fruit and loveliness, be a grown up adult, go on I dare you!

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