Friendsday Wednesday!!

Today has very much been a day about friends and I really didn’t expect that. I’ve woken up happier and felt calmer today, I’m finally starting to beat my illness I think. My low days are getting further apart and if they happen I’m working on dealing with them. As part of it I try to go out or do something at least twice a week, usually on student night. Today alcohol wasn’t included it did include, however… 


A lovely meal out with friends and meeting some new ones, the food wasn’t fab but the laughs and company was well worth it. Thank you to Bekkie, Jess, Emily, Liv, Rhys and Olly for a great time! 🙂



A bus driver who thought he was in Fast and Furious….

A lovely thank you note and gift from my flat-mate for taking out the rubbish! 



And although I don’t have a picture for it  lovely conversation with my friend Gurdeep! 


As you can tell I haven’t gone out drinking this week (although the rest of my halls definitely have!) but I’m not really missing it, it’s fun sometimes but after going out every Wednesday and Friday for 2/3 weeks it gets a bit boring! Next week I’m hoping to see a film with the lovely Amy! Keep an eye out for some more ‘Amy moments’!

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