My Top 10 Films to watch at Christmas

I thought I would treat you all to another top 10 seeing as my life currently consists of my temp job, sleeping and trying to fit everything around it. Here are some of my top films to watch at Christmas even though some of them arn’t that traditional.









10. Any Harry Potter film…

To say that I’m obsessed with Harry Potter is an understatement. There are two times that all of the films should be on the TV, once in the Summer and then again at Christmas, or you know any time of year at all really…


9.Miracle on 34th Street (1994) 

Matilda and Santa teamed up and it got adorable. Ok so this film came out when I was a few months old I don’t have to watch it at Christmas but it’s always nice to have on the TV.


8.The Grinch that stole Christmas 

One thing you need to know is that I am the girlfriend to another Grinch. I loved this film growing up, I don’t have any real reason why but it just is a great Christmas film.



A lot of people won’t understand this choice because I’m 19 and it’s so new for a Disney film. For some reason this is on every Christmas now and I absolutely love it! C’mon she hit’s him around the head with a frying pan, sorry spoiler alert.


Another film that just seems to be on around Christmas and one that makes me laugh all the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1,2 or 3, not 4 I haven’t seen 4. You can just sit down and watch Shrek no matter what age you are. 

5. Bridget Jones’ Diary 

It is not Chistmas or even December until I have watched Bridget Jones. It starts and ends at Christmas and we can’t forget the lovely jumpers or the Turkey Curry Buffet! 

4.Toy Story 2 

I was only 4 when this came out in 1999 and I was obsessed with it, I even had the Jessie the cowgirl outfit. It’s another family film with a happy ending. 

3.Toy Story 

…Of course you can’t just watch Toy Story 2 and this is the film that is mainly on the TV at this time of year. Who doesn’t love a bit of Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang!

2. Elf 


There is a reason this is in at number 2. The writers of Elf are incredible I worship them. As for Will Farrell? Oh my lord that man is funny. It makes kids laugh, it makes adults laugh and it has brilliantly inappropriate burping. 


1. Love Actually 

This is where I am allowed to be a girl. This is my all time favourite Christmas film even if my boyfriend is mean and wont watch it with me (he say’s it is too girly). It’s so well written and there are so many great actors in it. I also get some eye candy between Hugh and Colin. 



I do not own these images…please don’t sue my arse. 

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