Teaching in 2014

Today was my last day off before I work non stop until the 27th so I didn’t plan to do a lot. Coming home has made my life even more boring and I’m really aware that I could be boring you all. So thankfully today I got some great news! After waiting and worrying I got the email today to say that I got the job! I’m going to be teaching in a local school in the Summer and earning while getting the experience. 

A lot of people asked me if I want to be a teacher when I told them about applying for this job. The truth is that I don’t know what I want to do when I leave uni, I have no idea. So I might as well give everything a shot in the next 3 years and I might just find out. This is just one of the opportunities I’ve been working on. I’ve applied for internships and I have  my eye on a few more ways to work with the university. It’s true what they say about getting the most out of uni, you can do it. So I’m not going to spend my whole summer in bed, I’m planning on actually getting out there and doing things. 

Here’s hoping 2014 is going to be amazing.

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