Back to work

Today I went back to real employment after quite a bit break today. To say I was nervous this morning is an understatement. I will be working at Paperchase for the next two weeks, reprising what used to be Ali’s job. Last Christmas Ali got the job and I won’t lie I was jealous, everyone seemed so nice and although it was busy he seemed happy whenever he was there. So when I got offered an interview this year (while Ali stays behind in London for a bit), I jumped at the chance and was offered the job. 

Today was odd, I’d forgotten about inductions and health and safety procedures and all that. So after a lot of paper work and a walk around the shop I got to work. I’m going to be doing stock and customer service stuff but today was getting into things slowly by ticketing. I have another shift tomorrow but I have no idea what I’m doing. 

I can feel my posts getting sorter and I’m not ok with that. I want to give you guys all the info about uni life but not everything is exciting. So in 2014 I’m going to try and do more for you guys, I might even start the vlogs again…maybe. 

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