A little bit more positive

I have woken up today with a spring in my step and a smile. Now this may be because I finally have internet in the flat after almost 5 days of it being on and off again (hence the lack of blogging, it’s been a bloody nightmare!). Or it might be because I’m finally feeling positive and that I can start getting involved with uni life more. I’ll be honest sometimes a combination of my anxiety, general tiredness and worry have made it really hard for me to join in with things but now I’m feeling ok.

I don’t usually write in the mornings but I’m trying to make use of the internet incase it goes again! Today is going to be a good day I think. Driving, a meeting to finally make sure I can do full field literature next year, a chicken dipper date with the beautiful Amy and hopefully meeting a potential drummer today! Excited is an understatement and hopefully on the bus back tonight I wont feel sad and lonely, I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow which is all I want really! 

This may not be important to a lot of people but when you spend a long time being unhappy as I have in the past, all you want is to be happy and healthy. I don’t know how healthy I really am after my cooking though haha! I think the key thing is to keep positive as much as I can right now. Can 2014 top 2013?, I think so 🙂 

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