Miss Metzger?

This evening was very odd. I have just got back from a teaching interview (ok as well as a trip to the bar, there’s still no internet). Now it’s not that I am intending to leave uni and become a teacher but I’d like to give it another try after my last attempt at work experience wasn’t brilliant…I didn’t really do anything. This time I will actually be working with students and being paid for it if I get the job. At first I was really nervous but from what I can tell it looks quite positive and if not I can try again next year.

The job is actually part of a scheme with is in association with Kingston’s Compact scheme. I absolutely love being a part of the compact scheme you get so many opportunities and make a load of new friends (it’s partially how I got to know Joe and a lot of others). You feel like your part of a little family. We got an email a while back asking us to apply and so I did and got chosen to come for an interview. Thankfully some of the compact student I know had also been chosen so I was at ease and went in feeling positive. We had different scenarios that we had to give answers too and from what I could tell I was doing pretty well. I’m hoping I get through, it seems like a great idea and it will break the time I’m not in classes in the summer term. Oh and the pay is pretty good as well, I wont say how much but it will sort me out for the summer if I can’t find a job.

After the interview I went to the bar with Amy and the girls, as usual leaving at 10.30 to get back to damn Seething Wells!! I’m trying to stay positive though so fingers crossed I’ll get that email next week!

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