Remember,remember the 5th of November…the day that I got off my arse


Alright so unless you talk to my parents most people will agree that I try and get on and do things (if you’re reading this the dishwasher doesn’t count Mum!), after yesterday’s down day I woke up still in a foul mood..uh oh! I slept in late intentionally so I could try and see if I simply needed sleep to relieve my mood, I was wrong. I don’t know why I get like it really I just get in a foul mood and I can’t shake it no matter how hard I try. In my driving lesson things picked up, I can definately still successfully drive and not crash into anything (always a bonus). Then as the lesson came to an end my mood started to decrease after a few comments. I’m naturally nervous but this wasn’t too much of a problem today. Despite my progress and skills my instructor has made it clear to pass by Janurary I have to do 2 hours a week with him or go all the way back to Basingstoke and drive with my parents, both were pretty silly ideas. It takes me between an hour and two hours to get back to Basingstoke and a return journey is £30.00 roughly which isn’t happening, as well as the expense I moved away to be independent not rely on Mum and Dad. His other suggestion seemed odd, on the one hand I was being told I was a brilliant driver and that I could easily pass my test now on my driving skills. On the other hand here I am being told that I have to have 2 hours a week of lessons (at the lovely price of £40 may I add) or I wont be ready for my test. It makes no sense at all!! So now I’m in the game of attempting to find yet another instructor which is of course great fun.

So I felt slightly put out and not in the best mood to attend the meeting. Toi cut a long story short my lecturers are a great network of support. After a long discussion with my director of studies and a chat with my Literature lecture by chance I have submitted an application to become a full field literature student!! I’m so excited and scared at the prospect and it’ll be a lot of work but hopefully I’ll get my creative writing mojo back if I drop it! It’s very possiblethey will say no this late in the term but I have the full support of my lecturers. If not things have been put in place to make sure I will be a full field Literature student from second year onwards!

In the words of Katy Perry ‘You’re gonna hear me roar’ and that Kingston is what you are going to get.

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