Claire and I at Ali’s birthday dinner 

Ali’s birthday was made extra special this year, with a visit from his big sister! This meant I had a visitor for the night. Now I’ve already spoken about Ali’s surprise party and everything that happened yesterday so I won’t remind you again. Today I had Claire all to myself and it was time to show her around Kingston, shopping style. Having said that I was quite lucky have Claire as a guest, she generally knows where she wants to shop so we didn’t spend hours being indecisive.

In fact the best thing about today was where we found our ideal buys (well Claire did, I didn’t buy much today). I’m a big fan of charity shops and apparently so is Claire. After out last shop in Kingston (a vintage shop on Old London Road) we decided to head back to Surbiton and see what we could find, the result was just short of beautiful. Claire found lots of beautiful designer clothes for a fraction of the price, I think it’s safe to say she went home with lighter pockets but a bigger smile.

It was so great having Claire here because she is a hub of uni advice. Although some things have changed since she graduated (although not much, she only graduated a year or two ago!) the best thing she’s taught me is that you don’t have to know what you want to be when you leave Uni. She’s still searching and she’s happy, so it gives me hope. I’m back at the flat alone now and it’s a little too quiet and a little lonely after it being the first night back by myself but alas the essays are calling me….

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