A very special birthday



Just after midnight on November 2nd you could hear the excited sequels of a new box of Lego being opened. You may assume this was a pair of naughty children who had waited till midnight to open their birthday presents, that wasn’t the case Ali and ben got very excited by The Hobbit Lego Ali got for his 20th birthday. As you can see above no time was wasted, we sat and watched Ali put it together until about 1am while I was secretly ecstatic that Ali still wasn’t a grown up haha!  I’d casually joked to him that once he turned 20 I would leave him for a younger model, I didn’t you’ll be pleased to know. I don’t know why but I find 20 a really big deal and I dread that in 10 months time I’ll have to face being in my twenties…your twenties is where your supposed to figure things out! Uh-oh!

The next day Ali had no idea what was in store and he stayed in bed while I went to pick up his sister from the station. She knew what was going on and I filled her in on the final details as we dropped her stuff at mine. Meanwhile the party was being prepared and I was stuck on a bus 20 minutes away, luckily we managed to get back in time. This was the result…

 A cake made of doughnuts 

A brilliant table decoration thanks to Amy, Alexia and Ben 


And a happy Ali after we ended up in Pizza Hut (despite me getting the wrong present oops!). After that he got to also spend some time with his sister, I’d call it a success 🙂 Happy 20th Ali, I’ll forgive you for getting old.

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