An evening with Sir Trevor McDonald and the things I learnt

On Thursday night I was thrilled to attend an evening with Trevor McDonald and his speech was inspirational to say the least. Although he was fairly late (blame London traffic!) it was definitely worth the wait. Instead of boring you with every single thing I did on Thursday I’m just going to give you 5 quotes which I found to be both inspirational and motivating.  I was simply in awe of his life and all he has done in the last 50 years but he made me feel that it was possible to have that kind of life. He didn’t patronise us as students, nor did he lecture us he was simply honest and incredibly charming. I took down five quotes I want to share with you all, quotes I believe will help me throughout university and maybe my entire life. He spoke about those he had met without name dropping, his frankness about disagreeing with president Bush but commenting that he was a most charming man and a true Texan. Equally he spoke of those who are seen as evil such as his interview with Saddam Hussain and mentioning that although his security were brutal the man himself was calm and often isolated, so much so his own workers never saw him. Hearing his story I so badly wished that I could have spoken to him, I couldn’t unfortunately so these quotes will have to do, some of which I hope to live by.

‘Not the received truth but the real truth’ – So basically don’t just accept things, find out the real truth for yourself.

‘Nothing is accomplished without hard work and determination’ – This one really speaks for  itself and I totally relate.

Don’t let people find their limits on your ambition – This one struck a chord with me because people always seem to try and tell you what you’re capable of which leads me to the next quotation…

‘The ones you should never trust, those who say you can’ go and show them’–  I’ll let you think about that one yourself.

Get out there. – I intend to live by this one. In relation to uni I would rather get out there and do an internship rather than go and get drunk.

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