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Monthly Favourites – February



I read a lot of books this month once again (a mix of paperback, ebook and audiobook) but these three really stood out! After starting the A Court of Thorns and Roses series last month I couldn’t wait to read the rest of the season. I finished these very early on in the month and I already want to read them again…I’m serious. For non-fiction in February, I listened to Brave by Rose McGowan, I had no idea who she was from films just that Rose had started a movement. It’s not an easy read but it’s important and will blow you away. You can read about all the books I read this month here.



Only one fashion favourite this month and it’s this adorable dress from Primark! My grandparents picked this up for me and it is SO flattering. I love a dress where I can easily throw extra layers underneath!



I finally, finally, finally went to IKEA at the beginning of the month and got a second bookcase! Although it doesn’t look too full here there might still be a few books at my parent’s house that I need to bring over…oops! This is one of the slim Billy Bookcases and I looooove it!



This month it was Valentine’s Day and I was given a giant dragon, which has been named Puff after Ali drove all around the local towns looking for a Unicorn he wanted to get me, they’d sold out! I’ve also had some quality time with Wickett as well as my lovely Godkids Lexi and Ollie and finally, I managed to pick up some new Pop Vinyl’s! Don’t you think Ron and Ginny look fab?!

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Why I Love Valentines Day, But I’m Not Celebrating.


I love, love. I think there’s nothing better than sharing how you feel with others and bringing happiness. There are lots of people I love, including Ali. Now, this is not an anti valentines post, not at all. I’m happy for those of you out there who are going to have a special day to yourselves to celebrate love. This year, however, Ali and I haven’t planned anything, we haven’t made a bit deal and we’re not going to.

Why? Why would someone who loves love and valentines and flowers and all of that not want to do it this year? It’s partially because we’ve been together for a decade next year, we’ve done valentines day, we’ve done flowers and teddies and dinners and all of that. The thought of going out to a busy restaurant on the same day everyone else is doing the same fills us with dread. Another reason is the cost, this is where I might sound like a cynic but when I’ve been out shopping recently seeing £10 on a tiny (although adorable) cuddly toy made me roll my eyes, in a month they’ll all be normal price. To put it in perspective we’ve just moved house, I’d much rather we use the money we would have spent and got something for the house, which I know must sound very old and boring.

My final reason is that I don’t think we need it. I think valentines day is great for a lot of people to focus on each other and be romantic, god I’ve been there! I still love flowers and gifts and things but I love it much more when Ali remembers to do something for me, picks me up some chocolate on the way home or runs me a bath. I love it when I feel a litle rushed off my feet but he still tells me I look nice. I love it when I feel crap because I’ve been in hospital and he tells me how proud he is of me. That’s not bashing anyone else, that’s just what many years in a relationship looks like for me.

That said I would LOVE to know what you guys are up to whether it be with a loved one or friends?! Let me know in the comments below!

Sunday Seven: 7 ways to show you love someone all year round – 14th Feb 2015

Love it or hate it Valentine’s day is everywhere. As you all know I am in a relationship but I’m not about to assault you with something mushy and OH MY GOD HE IS SO AMAZING LOOK AT ALL MY GIFTS.  That kind of thing irritates the hell out of me. Of course we did the big valentine’s thing in the beginning roses and chocolate and all that but we’re both of the mind that Valentine’s is one day of the year, what about the rest of them? Being in a relationship is about loving each other every day, one day of presents does not make a successful relationship, well none that I know about anyway.

So for today’s Sunday Seven I’m going to talk about the day to day things that really matter. It’s not about big bouquets, teddies and chocolate. Although I love these things too, why buy them when they’re on mark up? We want to move into a bigger flat, not waste money because we’re told me should. So, here are this week’s seven.

1.Asking how someone’s day was

This is really important. Someone wanting to know what you’ve been up to and what’s going on in your life is just so nice. It’s also nice to have someone to talk things over with if you’re in a dilemma over something. Two minds are better than one.

2. Taking care of someone when they’re sick

In the past year I’ve really took a battering with my health. Firstly with my spine and last month when I was sick. I don’t think I can ever explain how grateful I was to have Ali around for both. He had to put up with a lot, helping me walk, pushing my wheelchair, seeing me in so much pain, getting me painkillers, helping me in and out of the bath and even flying to a different country with me. Even now I still need a little help sometimes when it’s cold or my back goes into spasm. All of that love and care means more to me than anything he could buy.

3.  Little Surprises

I always pick up a chocolate bar here, a cake there, a book or shirt that was in the sale. I like seeing his face when I treat him to something unexpected. I feel the same when he asks if I want to just grab a burger while we’re out. It’s a nice and simple way of showing you care for someone. There’s other more boring things like tidying their desk or leaving a plate of food for when they come home, or even a little note that can make all the difference.

4. Being there when they’ve had a rough day

Being able just have a hug or getting something off your chest when you’ve had a rough day makes me calm down. I also think more logically when I’m talking it through.

5. Being honest

I may not always like it but he’s always honest. If I’m in the wrong or if something’s a stupid idea he’ll tell me straight up.

6. Doing things you might not want to do because it makes them happy

For some girls it’s sports, for some it’s big family dinners and for me it’s listening about video games where I have no idea what’s going on. Harder to try and be interested at 2am.

7. Food

They once said that food was a way to a man’s heart, turns out it’s also the way to a woman’s. Cooking or getting a take away is always a winner. Always.

V Day


Today my boyfriend gave me three things. A Lobster, hot chocolate, onesies and some much enjoyed cuddles. It’s not quite your traditional valentines day but I think it was pretty cool. We were both pretty broke this week after all the gigs and so we were just going to stay in and watch a movie, my lobster (Larry or Lenny we haven’t decided yet) was a surprise. I fell in love with him in Camden Sainsbury’s so Ali popped into the local Sainsburys and sent me a Snapchat while I was making him a valentines day card (old school, like a boss). I’m not going to be online a lot, tonight is for onesies and just appreciating some time together. So we didn’t make a huge fuss, spend a load of money or piss off our single friends, just the way we like it.