Book Review: [Dis]connected Poems & Stories of Connection and Otherwise – Amanda Lovelace; Nikita Gill; Iain S. Thomas; Cyrus Parker; Sara Bond; Yena Sharma Purmasir; Trista Mateer; Canisia Lubrin; R. H. Swaney; Pierre Alex Jeanty



Wow, wow, wow this is an incredible connection. Going in I expected more poetry than short stories but in the end, I thought these were some of the best short stories I have ever read. There was a real sense of variety despite the connection they all share and the collection itself.

This is a collection that tackles so many different issues from grief to family. Real life issues to fantastic fantasy. I truly believe there is something in this collection for everyone and being able to get a sneak peek of this was brilliant, I haven’t stopped recommending people pre-order this and make sure that they get their own copy. I truly, truly fell in love with this.

Some of my favourites were Nikita Gill’s Parietal Eye, Cyrus Parker’s Where The Sea Meets the Sky, Sara Bond’s Terra Firma,  Yena Sharma Purmasir’s Ultra and Amanda Lovelace’s Small Yellow Cottage on the Shore. Each of these are so different and yet were perfectly chosen to fit next to each other.

It might sound like a broken record but it is hard to convey just how beautiful these stories are. Unlike many other collections I have read, I could not put this down. Each story and author wrote such compelling tales I had to read the next one, and the next and the next. Some were incredibly creepy, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, while others used Mythology and Mermaids. Each could individually capture something within me.

I gave this collection 5 stars. I literally picked it up because I recognised two incredibly brilliant poets and ended up finding even more, that I would like to read further.  I really have to sing the praises because this completely knocked me for six and I didn’t know much going in.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and the publisher for this copy for review.

Book Review: All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman



All of Tom’s friends are superheroes, even his wife the Perfectionist is a superhero, because of this certain parts of his life aren’t like anyone else’s. Like his wife, everyone’s strongest trait is their superpower and so you end up with some interesting heroes,like the Dancer, the Stress Bunny and the Phoney.  I’ll mention now that my copy is a newer edition with even more superheroes and with that, even more great illustrations for them!

All My Friends Are Superheroes is first and foremost about love. Ultimately it is a love story that goes pear shaped and has some invisibility thrown in because of an ex, but a love story none the less. Six months later, when the Perfectionist thinks that Tom has simply abandoned her, she decides that she’s going to move and use all her powers to forget about Tom and make a new life for herself. Little does she know Tom has been by her side the whole time and is racing against the clock to make her see him again before it’s too late.

I loved this story it’s short, funny and cute. Kaufman certainly has a talent for writing, as soon as I finished this (in one sitting no less) I went to my local bookshop to pick up another one. These books are great if you want to read something quirky, fun and short, which is particularly brilliant as a lit student because sometime you need a break from serious books. The character of Tom was brilliant too, he seems to be such a sweet man and genuinely loves his wife, which makes a nice change.

The superhero names were also great and it really did make me think about the people in my life and what superhero they would be. Kaufman has not only created a really funny and well thought out book but also one with heart, one that makes you think about life, which I didn’t expect when I first started reading. It got me thinking about which superhero I would be and which one I’d actually want to be. I’d probably be either the Bookworm or the Worrier, because that’s two of my most defining traits above all else.

I would definitely recommend this book for your shelf because, ultimately, you can read it again and again if you want to. It’s so short that it hardly takes up any time at all and the story is one that you won’t get bored of. It’s because of this, as well as the great writing and illustrations, that I’m giving All My Friends are Superheroes five stars *****. Every now and again even the most determined of us need to wind down and this is the perfect book for that. Keep your eyes peeled later on for other reviews of Kaufman’s work! I can guarantee there will be more!