Waiting pays off! My good news!

Hello to all my lovely followers, to start off with today has been a little bit crazy and fast paced and I’m absolutely shattered as I write this. I’m laying in bed at my Basingstoke home with the stupidest grin on my face. All that I’ve been posting about trying to stay positive and not get too low? Well it’s worked because I’ve had great news today!

I have been missing uni lately, missing the structure, learning, having societies to go to. It’s because even though I wouldn’t have been able to go to class, I would have had something to think about, work on rather than my brain going around and around. Really I needed a new challenge, which I have been setting myself. I’ve settled into writing habits, been packing for the trip to Athens and trying to establish some sort of routine around my back, which is harder than it sounds.

Today marks 5 weeks since my accident and by complete surprise I finally got my back brace! My Physio is an angel, and absolute angel and so are the rest of the team. Thanks to them I’ve had a lot less pain after they thought waiting another 2 weeks for my brace to be fitted would be ridiculous. They’d had training themselves so simply went up, got the brace and got me fitted (took 3 members of the very smiley team). I’d been so nervous about physio but I laughed so much and although it was painful I’m so looking forward to getting better now.


People do stare when I wear it, at first I didn’t care I was just so happy and felt so much more protected. My nerves got a bit worse walking though town when people stared but for the most part I was just so, so happy that I finally had my brace and I have things to look forward to. Already today was going better than yesterday and most of the day before. Even though it was pouring down outside it was like I just had this little sunshine following me around that let me forget about everything else for a little bit.

I logged onto my laptop with a few things to do between packing and had a lot of free time to kill (or so I thought) until an email flashed up. I saw that it was about the internship position I’d gone for an interview for, I thought I hadn’t got it. Well how wrong was I! I’ve been offered one of my dream internships!! I’m now a Social Media Coordinator! I get to handle our social media, go to events and live tweet, it’s all so exciting! I’m flying with happiness about it all after thinking I wouldn’t get it at all!

So I got down to the office in the pouring rain as quickly as my spine would let me. Everyone was lovely and welcoming. I felt instantly comfortable in the new office and will be issues with my staff email and such when I start after I come back from my trip to Athens! I’m recognised as staff now!

I’ve got so much to look forward to now that I can relax a little about not getting the grade I wanted and buying a bigger pair of shorts, because you know what? Right now I feel pretty damn awesome.

And the winner is…me!


I’m writing this with the biggest, stupidest grin on my face. I won!!!!!!! I cannot believe it but I won! I am this years winner of the Overcoming Adversity to Achieve award ahhhhh! I’m still half in disbelief, even though it’s right next to me as I type this (and looked pretty damn good in the flat if I say so myself!).

I honestly thought that the amount of inspiring people who were up for that award that I was going home empty handed and I was fine with that, they were all so amazing I was shocked that I had even been shortlisted with them. One of the best parts of  the evening though was sitting with SIR TREVOR MCDONALD of all people on my table and having a long conversation with him about literature, music, the world in general and the new TV show he has coming up. He even mentioned me in his speech and before announcing I was a winner said that he really thought I deserved it. He is truly one of the most wonderful men I have ever met.

Everyone was so welcoming and so proud I won, hugs and congratulations all evening! Some of the people tonight I am proud to be at university with and proud to be at Kingston itself, a place I will always love. I’m struggling to write this because it’s all still sinking in and its so incredible.

Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way. I’ve come so far from what I was and I’m so proud of myself for making the changes and making myself face up to them. I couldn’t list every single person but you all know who you are, I love you so,so much. Winning this has made me even more determined to keep working on mental health, to keep helping others.

Don’t give up guys! I never thought this could happen for me! ❤


KU Talent Awards, I’m coming for you!

I’ve been lucky enough to be shortlisted for not one but two KU Talent awards this year!! I really didn’t expect to get shortlisted for both, I was happy if I had a shot at being shortlisted for one. This year I’m up for Second Year of the Year and Overcoming Adversity to Achieve. It’s absolutely incredible and I feel like I’ve come so far since I started uni. So keep your fingers crossed for me!

The KU Talent Awards

Tonight was the KUTalent awards 2014! I’m going to start the post by letting you all know that I didn’t win. I did however get to spend some time with my Mum, have a lovely dinner and meet some interesting people. I’ve spent the day working on other things, trying to keep my mind off of the awards tonight partially to fight of nerves and partially not to get my hopes up. 

The hotel was amazing and as usual the KU team really managed to pull it off  with guest speaker Kris Akabusi (a very famous Olympic runner for those of you who don’t know, I didn’t at first so don’t worry!) who made me laugh so, so much. Before all this though we walked down the red carpet and were given green champers much to Mums delight, I still feel sick when I smell it after the last event I went to, I’ll never be drinking that much again! We moved around the room and chatted to various people and had a few more drinks t calm my nerves. Before we got downstairs I’d been a mess I was so anxious I didn’t think I could leave the hotel room I was crying and stressing and worrying if I would fit in at all. 

Luckily all my worries seemed to be for nothing, the evening went by and I spoke to everyone and got into detailed conversations with the other members of my table who all appeared to be very impressed. Had I been a third year I would have left with a job offer apparently, always a bonus! The problem came when the nominees for my category were announced. I had been telling myself not to get excited, but when Kris said ‘she’ I knew there were only me and another girl in my category, he then said ‘she has been involved since the first day’ again something I had put on my application, then he said ‘lacrosse’. I don’t lie to you guys so I’ll admit I was absolutely heart broken, I thought I was bothered but I really, really was. I kept trying to smile but after all my anxiety before it felt like a black hole in my chest. 

Everyone I had spoken to came up to me after and told me how well I’d done to get there, how next year I’ve got to do it again. I was too upset but smiled nevertheless. As the evening went on it got easier despite being really tired, I hope I can go again next year but right now I’m trying to focus on spending time with my Mum. I’m glad she got to dress up and come out tonight, I also wish I could have been super happy and excited all night but she doesn’t seem to mind. So I’ve had my calming shower (a technique that has never failed for me yet, if only I could always get in a shower when I felt down!) and now it’s time for bed. First day of work tomorrow and hopefully I can be as positive as everyone else..I did get shortlisted after all.