A year in the life of a fresher

In September 2013 I embarked on one of the biggest challenges of my life. I started university. So here you have it  a year of  a brutally honest fresher. The highs, the lows, the hangovers (or lack of). Join me!

A Freshers Tale

1st September – Hello September 

2nd September – The Return part 1

3rd September – The Return part 2

4th September – Organise, Organise, Organise!

5th September – Making Room/ Happy Birthday Daddy! 

6th September – The beginning of Tetris… otherwise known as packing up my room

7th September – A very happy unbirthday to me!

8th September- When the going gets tough

10th & 11th September – Goodbyes

12th September – The day I became a real Journalist

13th September – A new chapter, a fresh start

14th September – Do I look like a Kingston Uni Student to you?!?

15th September- DEAF HAVANA!!!!!!!!

16th September – The first official day and possibly the best

17th September- An evening with the Chancellor

18th September – Birthday Girl!

19th September – Ups and Downs

20th September- We may be home early and sober but we had a bloody good time! 

21st September- 10 Ways to Survive Fresher’s Week 

24th & 25th September – Sleep and the young fresher (Nature special)

26th September – Everyone has a book inside them

27th September – Paramore, Paramore, PARAMORE!

28th & 29th September – Popping home

30th September- When boredom takes over 


2nd – Live, Laugh, Love 

3rd – An evening with Sir Trevor McDonald

5th-  I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree

6th- A change of plans and a hospital visit

7th – An Update (hint, I’m still alive)

8th – 5 Things you needto know about Depression- Mental Health Week 2013

9th-  Feeling in between

10th – Tonight Alive!

11th & 12th – Being Looked After

13th- Feeling lonely

14th-  Finally getting my A* 

15th – Interview time 🙂

16th-  Feeling like myself again

17th-  A job, a hair but and ice cream! 

18th-  The first night out, nerves as well!

19th – Domestic Goddess..or not.

20th – Making decisions

21st – Getting things done

23rd- What am I paying for again?!?

24th –  I think I want to be a Journalist

25th- Going to bed at 3am

26th – Poison,thank you and goodnight!

28th – That piece of the puzzle that just doesn’t quite fit

29th- Sister Time 

30th- Always getting ahead

31st-  A different kind of Halloween


1st – Getting back

2nd –  A very special birthday 🙂

3rd – Claire

4th – A productive day…or so I thought! 

5th- Remember, remember the fifth of November the day that I got off my arse 

6th- Changing your mind

7th- 6 Tips for choosing your course 

9th- Reasons why I don’t mix well with clubbing 

10th- We like to sleep all day…and that’s about it 

11th- A visit from my Mummy! 

12th-  Things I like to do at Uni

13th- Trying to carry on 

14th- The essay countdown 

15th- Headed home

16th – I’m definitely glad I’m at uni! 

18th – I’m dyslexic! 

19th – Waking up with a smile 

20th –  5 ways to make sure you keep on top of your deadlines

21st – When the past catches up with you

22nd- 10 things to know when you move into halls

25th- Nothing to report

26th- My first attempt at music journalism

27th- A very special date

28th- Happy Thanksgiving Jamie!!

29th – T.G.I.F!

30th- My Dog 


1st- So many countdowns…

2nd- You’re kidding , right?

3rd- Strike!

4th- Tick Tock 

6th- Uni sure is a weird place

8th- A lack of internet, A Lunch Date and some Ouzo

9th- Miss Metzger?

10th- No People Club!

11th- Where I really live and making new friends

12th- All packed up and ready to go

14th- Going Home

15th- Back to work!

16th-  Letting my mind run free 

17th- Take the next exit out of my brain

19th- Teaching in 2014!!

20th-  Ali’s home!

21st- The busiest Saturday of the year…apparently

22nd- Day Off, Miller style

23rd- Top 10 films to watch at Christmas

24th- Preparing for Elfdom

25th- Being happy at Christmas

26th- I’ve been waiting all year…

27th- Goodbye Work! 

29th- Making some changes

30th- The tale of two dinners/ Happy Birthday Elliott!

31st- Goodbye 2013


1st – Young and Resolutionless

2nd – Maybe I’ll go before I fall to pieces 

3rd- Cuddles and old friends

4th – Getting ready to head back

5th- I’m back!…now what

6th- Haaaaaave you met…Who???

7th- The ‘helping yourself’ list 

8th – Pub

9th- Getting to know me

10th – Hitting the bar!

11th – The blog after the night before

12th –  5 ways to Procrastinate

13th – Practice makes perfect..

14th- My first First!

15th – The midweek crash

16th – Play every gig like it’s Wembley

18th – I’m not a big fan of being alone

19th- Harry Potter Studio Tour!

20th – Some of my favourite pictures so far

21st –  The KU Talent Awards and me! 

22nd- Friendsday Wednesday!!

23rd- Still Not a Culinary Master 

24th- Relaxing and pizza

25th- Getting emotional and chicken… a normal Saturday with the boys.

26th- You Me At Six part 1

27th- Band Bonding

28th- On a Mad One 

29th- Me and Amy 

30th- Teacher Training


1st- 5 Reasons why February is going to be AMESOME

2nd- The stresses of being a productive person 

3rd- That thing called relaxing..

4th- A lack of sleep and some serious reflection 

5th-  Books.

6th- Strikes, strikes, strikes

7th- Let’s go on holiday!

8th- It’s days like today that remind me why I’m a musician

9th- We Are The In Crowd day 1!

10th- We Are The In Crowd day 2!

11th- Hats off to you Miss Swift

12th- Happy Birthday Lexi Lou!

13th- Neknominations?

14th- V Day

15th- Damn you public transport, damn you

16th- 6 months in

18th- Living with a ‘disability’

19th- Happy Brithday Rhys!

20th-  Anxious, anxious, anxious

21st- Always some bumps in the road

22nd- Awake!!

23rd- Where has the year gone? 


25th- Dark clouds on a sunny day

26th- I couldn’t ask for better followers!

27th- A visit from my Mummy Bear!

28th-Aaaaaand Relax! 


2nd- Evacuate! Evacuate!

3rd- Late night hospital visits & being looked after

4th- I’m a Student Ambassador!!

5th- Getting close to the end

6th- Everything needs to slow down!

7th- Friday escape

8th- A full day in the studio

9th- Last day of recording and Lola and Ralphie’s birthday

10th- Driving, Pictures, Friends and Reading Festival!!

11th- 5 reasons being sleep deprived is a good thing

12th- I’m in love with my new job!!

13th- Being one step ahead of the game 

14th- KU Talent awards!

15th- My first day at work

16th- Sunshine can’t solve everything

17th- Nerves

18th- I didn’t pass, but that’s ok! 

19th- No rest for the wicked!

20th- Fall Out Boy!

21st- Last day but still so much to do

22nd- 10 things I’m proud I’ve done in first year!

23rd- My problem with the ‘F’ word (and not the one you think)

25th- Getting Ready to speak out

26th- Talking about Depression ‘The Other Side of the Coin’ event and our first flat viewing

27th- Flat view number two

28th- Time out with the guys/Happy 21st Ben!

29th- Tucked up at home

30th- Mothers Day – My Mum


1st- Life through my fingers 

2nd- Not one but two! 

3rd- Surprise payday and earning my own money again! 

4th- 6 years and new steps

5th-  Five guys and You Me At Six and Don Broco  Part 2

6th- One of those days 

7th- ‘Chasing on some silly dream’ – Things to tell you all!

8th- The last few days 

9th- Changing plans and packing

10th- Going Home

11th- We have  a flat!

12th- Some time on my hands 

13th- Driving…myself mad

14th- Hurry Up Ali!!

15th- Hampton Court

16th- Being Creative

17th- Hometown girls 

18th- 5 money tips for new students

20th- Easter Sunday and Happy Birthday Nanna! 

22nd- Some time with my sister and heading back 

23rd- Back again, for the last time 

24th- Let’s get back to work – College Fairs 

25th- Two down, Two to go

26th- What is daylight again?

27th- Scatter Brain

28th- Forever Awkward 

29th- Getting stuff finished, growing up and great surprises 

30th- Trialling Teaching 


1st-  Back where I belong

2nd- Friday night cup of tea and thinking 

3rd- All of me 

4th-  Pub.

5th- Books, Books, Books 

6th- Learning to sign 

7th- Taking over Twitter

8th- Through the other side

9th- Hedgehog Watching

12th- A smile 

13th- Back to the Studio and back to being me

14th- How Stephen Sutton will live on

15th- Teaching…hmmm

16th- Getting my groove back!

17th- Day 3 in the studio!

18th- Picking myself up

19th- Let the sun shine!


21st- Bowling and Vodka Slush Puppies

22nd- Works night out

23rd- First time in my new car!

24th- Here, There, Everywhere

25th- Basingstoke, Kingston, Kingston, Basingstoke

26th- Real Girls Eat CAKE!

27th- Me at GCSE

28th- Being Normal

29th- This Time 

30th- Home again

31st- Almost the last month 


1st- Cupcake Creations

2nd- Happy Birthday Harvey!

3rd- Practice! 

4th- Practice, Football and Pizza

5th-  Backing vocals and bumps on the head

6th- The Last Time for a While

7th- D Day veteran shows the Great British spirit lives on

8th- Happy Birthday Mummy!!

9th- Yay year 7s!

10th-  Tuesday Snoozeday

11th- Why I wont be a teacher any time soon

12th- The Fault in Our Stars

13th- Last Day of Placement/ Pre night out nerves! 

14th- Last Night/We Love KU!

15th- Fathers Day Back to Mum and Dads

16th- Tying up loose ends

17th- The box room

18th- Night time musings 

19th- I found an American…can I keep him?

20th- I have no idea what the future holds.

21st- Negativity is exhausting

22nd- Having a dog is as hard as having a child.

23rd – Old friends and memories

24th- Be Your own Cheerleader (I’m awesome!)

25th- A Day in London with Mumma Bear

26th- Updating and thank you

27th- Night out with Sammi!

Night out with Sammi part 2 

28th- My bands teaser! 

29th- Sometimes the days can slip away

30th- Why I LOVE Kingston


1st- Things aren’t always as easy as they should be

2nd- Lexi Lou!

3rd- Ah work!

4th- Happy 4th July!!

5th- My Gramps

6th- A few days of hibernation

7th- Results!!!!

8th- Back to my old college!

9th- A day out in Windsor

10th- Always between

11th- Reunited with the boys 😀

12th- I play festivals now! Basingstoke Live 2014

13th- Listen! Listen!

14th & 15th – The one armed bandit returns! 

16th- What to do now? 

17th- My Big Mouth: Cameron’s reshuffle: too little, too late?

19th- My teenage sister, Happy Birthday! 

20th- When I write 

21st- I miss uni- poem fun! 

22nd- Keeping Calm in this Generation 

24th- The Emo kid 

25th- Write what you know

26th- My Love for the Twittersphere 

28th- The Future

29th- A chapter a day keeps my sanity at bay!

30th- The uni couples 

31st- Happy Birthday Harry, I owe you one! 


1st- Something I really needed 

3rd- Fish is not my friend

4th- A taste of the magazine world. 

6th- Lex loses his locks!

7th- Being Happy

8th- Girls Evening L.O.N.D.O.N

9th- My new flat

10th- Living with me (poem)

11th- I am not ashamed

12th- A visit from the family

13th- Settling in

14th- Clearing!

15th – Six years.

16th- Jen.

17th – Getting ready for the year of the twenty something

18th – ‘A business mind’ 

20th- Dinner with a fellow nerd

21st – Onwards and upwards

22nd – see: My Big Mouth Reading Festival Review

23rd- see: Reviews and in the news: A Date with the Doctor

25th- An update on yesterday/ Should I Vlog?

27th- Recovery.


29th- Girls Night!

30th –


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