Blogmas 2020 Bah Humbug Christmas Tag

Blogmas 2020: Bah Humbug Christmas Tag

While on Twitter today I saw Cait post on Twitter asking who wanted to be tagged in a new book tag that she’s created, giving you a little bit of time to blow off bookish steam. I am IN! You can watch Cait’s video here and if you want to do this tag – consider yourself tagged!

1. What kind of cover art immediately turns you off of a book?

Film covers on books, there are few things I hate more than using a film cover as cover art. Vom. They are two completely different mediums.

2. What do you hate most on a book cover (not related to design)?

Printed stickers. If a book has won loads of awards, that’s great I just don’t need it printed on the front cover, add it inside, I don’t care.

3. When reading a synopsis, what could make you want to yeet the book across the bookstore?

Character goes back to home town after years away and XYZ happens. Snooze, boring, bye.

4. What trope makes you want to scream into the abyss?

Girl who’s described as ‘normal’ or ‘plain’ but everyone is attracted to her and really she’s so beautiful.

5. What book induces rage the moment it is mentioned in your presence?

Technically it’s a script that has been released as a book BUT The Cursed Child. I hate it so, so much. Everything is just awful and wrong.

6. What could someone say, when recommending a book to you, that could break your trust in them?

It was a Zoella book club pick! No, just no.

7. What author you would like to fight?

David Walliams.

8. What character would you like to dropkick?

Joffery from Game of Thrones, repeatedly.

9. If Goodreads was a person, what would you bully them for?

Being super strict on spelling. What a dork.

10. If you could ban anything (trivial) from all books forever, what would it be?

Love triangles WHEN THEY DON’T ADD ANYTHING TO THE STORY. I’m looking at you Hunger Games.

Remember to leave a link to your responses below!

3 thoughts on “Blogmas 2020: Bah Humbug Christmas Tag

  1. theindecisivereaders says:

    Love triangles could be so interesting if they were used properly – and I definitely think that Goodreads would be a person who was strict on spelling ๐Ÿ˜‚


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