Blogmas 2020 - Festive AF

Blogmas 2020 – Festive AF

It’s here, we’ve made it to the last month of 2020! Thank GOODNESS! And I’ve decided to try and be festive af this year, because why wouldn’t you after everything. I’ve been listening to Christmas music, wearing Christmas jumpers and grabbing festive drinks since November.

In my family, Christmas is a big thing anyway and while the majority of things that I usually do in the run up to the big day have been cancelled or changed I still want to get in the Christmas mood!

So, what kinds of things are you going to see on my blog? At least 24 days of blogs talking about some small businesses you should know about, my Christmas faves, what I’m hoping for under the tree this year, how to save spoons for my fellow spoonies and, of course, talking about books.

Because I obviously don’t know how to take a break, while I’m taking part in Blogmas I’ll also be in the process of moving house, getting back to the gym and everything else that December comes with.

Are you taking part in Blogmas this year? Drop your link below – I’d love to follow and support other bloggers!

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