Bite Me: The Twilight Reread

Bite Me: Announcing The 2020 Twilight Reread

Let’s take it waaaaay back to 2008. I’m 13 years old, I’m seeing this boy that I kind of really like and there’s this film called Twilight being advertised everywhere for later in the year. It’s one of my friends favourite books and so I buy a copy, and then the next and the next and the next. The cute boy is still my boyfriend in December and takes me to see the film of one of my new favourite series of all time. 

To say I was a Twilight fan wouldn’t be accurate. To say I was a Twihard would be bang on. Those books took over. I had the posters, the soundtracks, the movie books. On a family holiday to the states in 2009 I went to Hot Topic and let myself loose coming home with pin badges, a hoodie, patches and a limited edition record. I fell hard. 

When the Bree Tanner book came out I went and picked up my pre order and read it in a day. While I gave up on the films after Eclipse, the books have always had a place on my shelves (although it has been dangerously close to being donated multiple times)…and now we have Midnight Sun. 

Now, most people read the leaked versions online but I didn’t, if it wasn’t meant to be published I didn’t want to read it. So I don’t really know what it was like, the quality, how different it was etc.

As a 20-something woman I know Twilight is problematic but I can’t lie and say I didn’t love that series. As a teenager I adored it and so did millions of us. Did I find the imprinting thing super weird? Yes, yes I did it was and still is beyond bizarre, more than a bit creepy and I’m still not ok with that element.

I read an article this morning that wondered if we would see Edward’s behaviour highlighted as toxic and not ideal. I don’t know if we will but it’s going to be interesting to see this in a post me-too era.

With Midnight Sun coming out in a matter of months(?!) I thought it would be the perfect time to get around to that Twilight reread I’d been considering. Of course I’m going to take you guys along for the ride and a new bookish series on the blog appropriately called Bite Me.I hope you’ll join me because I am damn nervous about rereading a book that meant so much to me as a teenager.

Are you going to be reading Midnight Sun? I’d love to know!

P.S That boy I kinda liked? It’s the one I’m marrying, if you hadn’t guessed. 😉

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