Livin' The Vida Lockdown: Day Thirty-Three - Does Anyone Have A Normal Sleep Pattern Anymore?

Livin’ The Vida Lockdown: Day Thirty-Three – Does Anyone Have A Normal Sleep Pattern Anymore?

This post is going out later than I planned. Is it because I had a burst of inspiration and I just had to get it out into the world? No, I wish it was. It’s because I had an unplanned danger nap at 4.30 in the late afternoon…for 3-4 hours. *sigh*

Time is a weird thing right now. It feels like lockdown is going so slowly but also the days are going too fast. It’s May this week, May. It almost feels as if April didn’t happen. Also, I’ve found myself frequently having to check what day and month it actually is. I know a lot of you have felt the same.

When it comes to sleep, I have a strange relationship anyway thanks to regular fatigue with the occasional bout of insomnia to make things interesting. That said I’ve been trying to stay in some kind of routine, as you can tell from the start of the blog it’s not going well.

While I’m normally up and about for my alarm in the morning, weekends (as always) are a completely different situation. I am finding though I’m going to bed later and if I stay asleep I’m having some trippy dreams, if not I’m waking up at strange times throughout the night.

At the weekend I’m sleeping on and off for a few hours on both Saturday and Sunday because despite the fact I’m in my flat for 90% of the day every day I am exhausted. Fibro or just the mental exhaustion of the situation? I wish I could tell you.

I read that this is pretty common in situations like these, that our brains have to get the weird out somewhere and so it’s coming out in dreams. I’m not going to go into detail about mine because it features people I know but damn I can never say I don’t have ideas for a book in there.

Are you guys finding it harder to have a normal sleep pattern or are you having strange dreams too? Let me know so I feel less strange.

One thought on “Livin’ The Vida Lockdown: Day Thirty-Three – Does Anyone Have A Normal Sleep Pattern Anymore?

  1. katmphotography says:

    i too have been having the most vivid, surreal and often disturbing dreams lately. i have also noticed that my dream recall has been better than normal too. my sleep patterns have been shifting… currently, i’m living a semi-noctural life. i have been going to bed at around 6am and waking up around 1pm… napping on occasion too. sleeping more than normal. dreaming more than i ever remember dreaming before. so… you’re not alone with this. we are living in unprecedented times… so much uncertainty and facing a different ‘normal’ through all of this. it’s understandable that our sleep patterns and quality of sleep will be affected. crazy times eh? thanks for sharing this post. i have been pondering this too…. x

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