Feeling Politically Homeless

You *might* have noticed that the UK is going through it with politics at the moment. Now, it’s been over 3 years since it was voted that we would leave the European Union. Personally, it’s not something I voted for but I had to accept that it was going to happen.

In those 3 years we’ve seen, to put it bluntly, a shit show. 3 Prime Ministers, a load of resignations, a rise in hate crime and a wave of anxiety about the future of the country that I’m in. Brexit has caused a horrible divide or maybe it just highlighted it.

What it has left in its wake is a load of people who feel politically homeless. In the repeated calls for a general election I genuinely didn’t know who I would vote for. I look at the political parties of the UK right now and not one of them makes me have hope. That’s a pretty scary thought.

In the past I have voted Labour, I felt that they were the major party I could support. Now, I don’t know – while Jeremy Corbyn when he became party leader seemed different and I was hopeful I’m done. I don’t know him personally but politically I’m not impressed and he needs to go.

Looking into alternatives none of them quite sit right with me either. While Green has views similar to mine I don’t know if they could run the country and I don’t trust the Liberal Democrats after they helped triple tuition fees.

What I do know is that this country needs change. It needs leadership that is invested in LISTENING, not just shouting and trying to be the loudest voice. Boris Johnson doesn’t seem to understand this concept.

I truly hope in my lifetime we will see a revolution and a return to working together rather than tearing each other apart. Right now, as I watch parliament debate and try to score cheap points at each other with jibes and cheers I am frustrated. We need to fix this country before it breaks to a point where we cannot repair it.

I guess I’m writing with an open heart here. Is this the most eloquent post

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