What I Read In September

It’s finally time to let you all know what I read in September, maybe a little later than normal. It’s better late than never! So, there’s a bit of a mix in the month of September. I read a few shorter things just to try and get my reading mojo going.

So, let’s get cracking shall we!

A Spark of Light - Jodi Picoult

A Spark of Light – Jodi Picoult

I was lucky enough to get an early release copy of this novel, especially as I have read almost all of Jodi’s books. This is another novel with multiple perspectives and a tough subject matter. Set in a women’s health clinic, a gunman holds hostages. A range of beliefs, backgrounds and more. I’ll recommend this novel – perhaps not my favourite of Jodi’s but still a worthwhile read.



She Wants It – Jill Soloway

Jill is one of the writers of the Amazon hit show Transparent, who came up with the idea after her own parent came out as Transgender.  I didn’t know this before reading. I don’t know what his book was trying to be at all, it started as a memoir but certainly didn’t finish that way. I wasn’t keen on this one at all.


[Dis] connected – various

Wow, wow, wow. This is absolutely beautiful, one of my favourite collections of the year. Want to know my full thoughts? My review is here.


Lovely Seeds – R.H. Swaney 

I received this from Netgalley too and it is a truly beautiful collection that really spoke to me. If everything is a little overwhelming and you need to feel okay this is a great one to pick up.

Ask-Me-His-Name-Elle Wright

Ask Me His Name – Elle Wright

This was a heavy book but also beautiful. Elle’s son Teddy died when he was merely a few days old, every parent’s worst nightmare. This details how she and her husband got through the initial shock and how they continue each day while keeping Teddy alive in their thoughts and hearts.

Sun - Van der Steen

Sun – Wilbert Van der Steen

This was a really great read. I flew through this with an intriguing art style and a story that I was really invested in, I absolutely loved Lucien and his relationship with his Grandfather. I will not spoil anything in this review BUT I thought the ending was fantastic and I can’t wait to read the next instalment! Another great read thanks to Netgalley.




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