World Book Day 2018 My Favourite Children's Books

My 10 Favourite Children’s Books for World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day to you all! When I was younger, it was just starting to become a big thing with dressing up and all the fun and games that little ones have today! So it got me thinking about some of the books I loved as a child. Keep in mind I could have just listed all the Jaqueline Wilson books because I was always obsessed with every single one that came out.

Double Act – Jacquline Wilson 

This is a book I remember really loving, it focuses on twin girls Ruby and Garnet and looks at their relationship as sisters as well as growing up and finding themselves when they were so different. I read it repeatedly and even went to see the play on stage (thanks, Mum!).

The Harry Potter Series – J.K Rowling 

I started reading in 1999 so, of course, Harry Potter is on this list. I don’t remember when I fell hard for the series but I remember picking it up when I was about 6 and starting there and…I never stopped.

The Worst Witch  – Jill Murphey 

Another magic based book but one that was also hilarious. I loved Mildred and I related to her. I was clumsy and a bit silly and I loved the idea of this school where girls all went to learn magic and didn’t always get it quite right.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl 

 I remember having a special edition that I got from WH Smiths and cherishing it, this was a special edition of a book no one else could read it. I read it over and over as well as loving the original film.

Secrets – Jaqueline Wilson 

When this came out I was learning about the Second World War and Anne Frank, something that is a focus in this novel. I loved both of the protagonists and couldn’t put it down. Jacqueline Wilson is an incredible author.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Micheal Rosen 

If you don’t remember chanting this as a small child and driving everyone mad then what was your life? This was a staple of my first few years at school and it’s even become a tv programme in the last few years. I still remember parts of it in my 20s.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle 

Another classic when I started school. I don’t know what was so entertaining about it, I just remember finding it hilarious.

Malory Towers Series – Enid Blyton 

I remember thinking that Enid Blyton wasn’t cool when I was younger and then, by chance, I saw the Mallory Towers books with all new covers and they looked interesting. I loved these stories about girls making friends and having a wonderful time at boarding school.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit – Judith Kerr 

I was really interested in and had huge empathy for children in the Second World War so I started reading Kerr’s first book in her trilogy about growing up in these times. It made it understandable for a child to read.

You Wait Till I’m Older Than You – Micheal Rosen 

My love for poetry started young and I picked this up signed at a car boot sale and loved it. I don’t remember specifics but I read it endless amounts.


What were your favourites as a child? Let me know in the comments below!


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