My Love-Hate Relationship With Exercise

Yesterday I went to the gym. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking ok, so what? A lot of people go to the gym. It was my first time going this year and it hurt. A lot. I talk a fair bit about my accident a few years ago, the impact that has on my life and being able to exercise regularly can often cause me a lot of pain.

My relationship with exercise goes way back. When I was a kid I had much more fun with my nose in a book than running around. P.E was the lesson I hated most and I was the most clumsy person I knew. For that to change when I started riding was a minor miracle, there was exercise that I loved!

In the past 3 years, my weight has gone up and down. I lose the weight, I’m happy and then six months later I’ve put it back on and it goes on, again and again. This isn’t a vanity project. This isn’t me wanting to shimmy into some size 6 jeans and get revenge. It’s literally just wanting to be healthy, to get back to the size I was at university.


Now, I know that my body has and will continue to change throughout my life, but that natural change can be controlled. I haven’t been looking after my body the way I should be in the past few months, I haven’t eaten right, I’ve done minimal exercise so this is on me.

I feel good after a workout, I feel accomplished. Sometimes I feel better, a bit sore and I can get on with my day. Other times the old pains come back and I can’t move the next day, so it’s kind of a bargaining thing. I’m determined that, when I can, I want to exercise in one way or another on a bad day swimming is better, if I’m up to it I can go to the gym. I’ll get there slowly, I might even learn to like it again.

I guess I wrote this because it’s easy to look in Instagram and see amazing people with amazing bodies talking about how much they love fitness and healthy shakes. If that’s not you, that’s ok. A lot of people aren’t athletic but you have to do it your way, I certainly am!


How do you feel about exercise? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “My Love-Hate Relationship With Exercise

  1. tumbling into wonderland says:

    I use to loath going to the gym when I was just using the machines, especially as I would often bump into parents from my work, or worse, the children I teach *shudder*. I’ve recently switched gyms and started going to the classes and find this far more enjoyable. Especially as I don’t have that horrible feeling of not knowing if I’m using the equipment properly, I never see people I know now, and I’m booked into going for the slot so I can’t back out if I really don’t feel like it.

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  2. Kristina says:

    I… same. Apart of swimming or ice skating, i cannot find something that I like. And then i *know* it must be sore and hurt for a While before your body get used to it and nanana.. but I. HATES. That. And so i dont wanna do anything anymore when it hurts. Annd im not the most « determinated » you could say .. i will stop and then I stop for good 😪
    Trying my best to walk as often as I can with work and winter climat with my two dachshunds – as they sure need it aswell! But it’s a bit harder on this season ..

    I hope you will get to find a routine you like and take better care of yourself! Your body needs it 💕

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    • chloemetzger says:

      Thanks for reading! It is hard, I’m currently not loving it but hoping to get back into it and distraction is key! I have a list of youtube videos to watch when I go to the gym!


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