Blogmas Day 11: Q & A with Vikki & Zoe

For my second Q & A post to show you all the blogging community at Christmas Vikki & Zoe answering questions about what Christmas means to them! Don’t forget to go and check out their blogs too!


What are you most excited about this Christmas?

Zoe: This Christmas I’m most excited about being with family and giving the presents I have bought, I absolutely love buying things for other people especially if its something they will love!

Vikki: I am excited about spending Christmas with friends and my partners family, in comparison to last year I am also looking forward to not being stuck in Heathrow airport due to a delayed flight for 14 hours!

What’s at the top of your wish list?

Zoe: The top of my Wishlist is probably new makeup/clothes, or even a HP sprocket! To be honest I will be happy with anything that my friends/family get me!

Vikki:  I don’t really have a wish list, my wish would be that ASOS has a massive sale so I can stock up on British brands. If I am being soppy I would also wish that all of my friends and family here in Australia and in Scotland have a safe enjoyable Christmas with hangovers they can cope with.


Favourite Christmas movie?

Zoe: I’ve haven’t actually seen many Christmas films but I will be watching loads this year to make up for it haha! So I’m looking forward to seeing what others say for this so I know which ones are worth the watch!

Vikki:  My favourite Christmas movie is probably Home Alone, although I love the Wizard of Oz and they always tend to show that movie at Christmas too!


Favourite Christmas song? 

Zoe: There are loads!! I honestly am a HUGE lover of Christmas music and I have a whole playlist dedicated to it! For answering this I will put my top 3 because I honestly can’t pick just one favourite:

Merry Xmas Everyone – Slade

Stop the cavalry – Bona Lewie

Do they know its Christmas? – Band Aid

Vikki:  Fairytale of New York without a shadow of a doubt, I love the music, I love the lyrics and it’s also my mums favorite Christmas song so it has a  sentimental value for me.  

Favourite Christmas food? 

Zoe: Favourite Christmas food is 100% Turkey, my absolute favourite food at Christmas time!

Vikki:  Can I say all of it? I love how there are 65 versions of potatoes but also pigs in blankets are YUM

Your perfect Christmas in 3 words.

Zoe: Family, Friends, Love.

Vikki: Snow Family alcohol

Thanks so much to Vikki and Zoe for sharing their answers! Make sure to go and check out their wonderful blogs. And stay turned for more Blogmas posts to come!

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