Blog Tour! A Peal For My Mistress – Annabelle Fielding


‘Forbidden passion in the shadow of war’

Hester is taking the first steps towards her dream of being a Ladies Maid by becoming the maid of Lady Lucy, the daughter of a wealthy house. As time goes on both young women embark on a secret relationship, one that could destroy them both. In a time of rising tensions can they survive?

The novel is set between the first and second world wars. Our protagonists have seen the devastation that war can bring and both react in very different ways to the threat of the Nazi party. I think, for me, this was the most intriguing part of the novel is that it is so rich in research. I learnt so much about Britain and politics (obviously I looked up the facts behind the novel) of the time.

It has been so long since I’ve read a historical fiction novel. I used to read them all the time but it’s just fallen off of my radar but I am so glad that A Perl for my Mistress has brought me back in because it was brilliant. Just falling into the past in a way that is so vivid and also taught me so much.

There were points within the novel where I did get confused about who was who in the ways of society, fascinatingly the scandals and gossip you read about within the novel are based on true ‘scandals’ of the time. As someone who knew nothing really about the upper classes in society and their relationships and expectations it really was fascinating to contemplate what it meant to be a lady at this time.

I gave this novel 4 stars, it was a brilliant venture back into historical fiction and it’s clear that Fielding has a true talent for a gripping story. I will also applaud her for the detail and knowledge it must have taken to write this novel.

Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read this novel and be a part of the book tour itself.

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