7 of My Favourite Things About Autumn


I love Autumn, it’s by far my favourite season

1.  The colours are so beautiful.

Hampshire is very beautiful and driving through as the colours begin to change is always one of my favourite parts of the season.

2. I can wear boots, all of the boots! 

I adore boots because you can match them with anything and still look stylish. I have 4 pairs just to wear to work, they’re so snug and, personally, they’re great for butts.

3. Autumn fashion is the BEST. 

Carrying on with the boots theme Autumn fashion is my favourite because I feel the most confident. It’s time to hunt out my big jumpers, thick tights and dresses. I’m particularly in love with anything mustard yellow at the moment.

4. Halloween & Bonfire Night

I have so many great memories of these two nights as a kid, there was something just magical about them. I like the fun side of Halloween, I’ve been to Mickey’s Not So Scary party in Florida a few times which was just so amazing. This year I’m going to a party at friends. For Bonfire Night I’ve always loved going to displays and this year I can watch from my own garden!

5.  Going out for a warm drink 

I love popping out with friends to get a Hot Chocolate (sorry no Pumpkin Spice over here!) and be really cosy. And it’s now only a few weeks until Christmas drinks…sorry not sorry.

6.  New book releases everywhere! 

There are so many good books that come out in the autumn and you have an excuse to get a big blanket, get comfortable and read to your heart’s content!

7. From November 1st the countdown for Christmas starts…no I’m serious. 


What are your favourite things about Autumn? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “7 of My Favourite Things About Autumn

  1. smartiebabie says:

    For me I would have included the natural bounty that’s around during Autumn. It’s the season of harvest of lots of lovely root vegetables that I LOVE and all the wonderful nuts falling from the trees and berries ripening in the brambles.
    Autumn for the countryside loving person is so so wonderful.

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