Sunday Seven: Getting Healthy

So, I’ve decided after gaining a little weight I need to get back into my health and fitness. I used to really work at it but a combination of things lead me to abandon my gym routine and healthier eating. Now I’m getting back to it here are seven ways I’m getting healthy.

Going to the gym at least one hour a week. 

I’m not letting this go this time. After going for a workout yesterday I felt so good about myself (today I’m aching all over but that’s beside the point) and my body felt good. Back to the gym I go!

Drinking all the water! 

I’m limiting myself drinking fizzy drinks because I drank so much. Instead, I’m replacing it with water to try and improve my health and my skin.

Eating when I’m hungry

Little and often is always recommended so I’ve sorted myself out with a small afternoon and evening snack. I know I get hungry so planning around it means I won’t splurge on chocolate and biscuits from the work canteen.

Stopping when I feel full. 

I remember reading about weight loss and a big piece of advice was stopping when you feel full, sounds simple right? The article went on to discuss when we’re out to eat we feel like we need to eat everything to be polite. So instead I’m stopping when I feel full.

Not obsessing over calories 

I got into a bad way with calories. I had a tracker and got anxious if I went over my daily amount. Instead, I’m just going to have smaller portion sizes and make smart choices.

Getting enough sleep 

Somehow I don’t think this will be a problem…

Only weighing myself once a week 

I don’t want to get in the cycle of constantly weighing myself again. I’ll check once a week to see progress but that’s all I’ll allow. I have no scales in my house for this reason.

What else would you add to my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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