Why getting a bra fitting is SO important.

A few weeks ago I was on a little shopping trip with my best friend Abbie and popped along to Ann Summers after seeing their sale signs. For a long time Ann Summers have been my go to Bra shop, but I have a confession to make. I haven’t had a bra fitting in years. Literal years! It’s always been something I mean to do, should have done but I was always a little nervous and never had the time… or so I told myself.

I popped into the store in Basingstoke and asked to be fitted. I was lead to the fitting rooms at the back of the shop and asked what size and style I normally would wear. I told her a 34C and picked one similar to the one I was wearing at the time. We went up a size, and again, and again….and a few more times after that. I wasn’t made to feel bad or stupid instead I felt empowered. I left with advice, my new size of 34E and two new bras.

That was a little over a week ago. I now have about five bras, all in the right size, and I’ve felt a huge difference. I feel more supported, comfortable and look better and the reason was a simple measurement. Admittedly it has been a little hard since to find decent bras and bikinis for my size, most only go up to a double D.

Having the right bra helps you out in so many ways and as someone with back pain, I can guarantee that having the right support has really helped me out. It’s made me feel more confident in the way I look and about my body.

I know for a fact Ann Summers stores and Marks and Spencers stores both give free fittings in store and I had absolutely no obligation to buy. Most Lingerie stores should have some kind of free measuring so make sure you ask.

Here are my top tips for getting a fitting:

  • Say what size you’ve been wearing – it doesn’t matter if it has been wrong, that’s what fittings are for
  • Have an idea of the kind of bras you like to wear
  • Remember you are not obligated to buy anything
  • That said, it doesn’t hurt to take some money with you in case you see something you like
  • Don’t be embarrassed, people are trained to do this
  • Take someone with you, make it fun!
  • Remember room in cups or overspill means you’ll probably need a new bra

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