Sunshine Clearing a Cloudy Mind

It’s known that sunshine,ย for a lot of people, is an instant mood booster. People feel better about life, there is literal light around you, it’s no surprise that summer is most people’s favourite season. As I write this my washing is in the garden, my back doors are open and I’ve been driving with my windows down in the car. The sunshine is a welcome addition to my life.

I’ve made no secret that since graduating I haven’t been feeling my best. I’ve felt lost, confused and sometimes let down from graduate life. Combining that with the winter months I didn’t feel like myself. A little bit of sun, a bit of real light, can change that. Now, I’m not saying that a little bit of sun can clear depression, it definitely doesn’t but the vitamin D boost is known to help those of us with depression.

Bring on the summer, bring on the sunshine for the helping hand that it gives.

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